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Chilling Tales By Jay Bronc page two
lets dance
  By Jay Bronc


Recovering from a bad cold that is just about gone left me scurrying about the house to catch up with all the things that went undone this past Monday morning. With several projects started and none finished I was bouncing around from room to room trying to bundle things up to get several tasks done at once. With everyone gone to either work or school I found myself alone and late for work tending to the last bits of laundry in my back bedroom. With Unsub music playing from the computer room next to me I heard what I thought was the front door slam. My family knows to shut this door somewhat authoritatively to let me know they are in the house. We've had problems before with folks getting the jump on me when I'm busy working and alone. Don't need no heart attacks. As I worked I entertained thoughts in my head of who is it? What did they forget? Was someone sick? I waited in anticipation of someone to show up. But no one came. Leaving the bedroom I moved to the front of the house with thought of "we have an intruder". After a quick look about I found no one. The front door was locked and closed. I next checked the  kitchen. All the cupboard doors were closed. I knew I heard a door slam or some noise. I went into the computer room and checked what was playing thinking it might have come from the tune. It was Unsubs "Dance of the Dead". I listened to that music over and over again but there is no slamming door sound in the music. Strangely enough I had found an ancient David Bowie tape in my car that I had been listen to over the weekend and as usual it left my singing "Lets Dance" the past few mornings around the house. These event left me thinking had a ghostly dance partner heard my beckon and finally showed up?

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