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    The Headlights
  Ever hear the urban legend of the headlights? You know the one where you flash your headlights at a dark car at night to let them know they have no headlights and they turn around and hunt you down and no matter how you much you try you can't lose them.  Oh you think you have but look in your rear view. Is that them behind you? You step on the gas but no matter how fast you go they keep up. Where is a cop car when you need one? Legend goes if you slow down ,if they catch up to you they kill you. So true or urban legend? Next time you see a car heading your way without lights flash your headlights at them. If you dare.

              "Humans can lick too."
There was  a young woman  alone in her apartment. She went to bed with her dog sleeping on the floor beside her bed. Suddenly in the middle of the night she is awakened  by a loud sound.  Alarmed at this she reaches down to the dog who licks her hand.  Reassured that all is well she goes back to sleep.

In the morning she finds her dog hung in the bathroom.Scared and upset she runs back to her bedroom where she finds and picks up a note which reads "Humans can lick too."

                          The Hook
  There was this young couple  parked on a country road. The girl is  getting real nervous and uneasy because there had been a report about an escaped killer in that area. Known to  be a  dangerous  mad killer called  "The Hook" because one of his hands was missing and in it's place he wore a hook. He was said to have used it on all of his victims.
The girl gets really upset because she's just sure this guy is going to try and kill them. So the boy locks all the doors.The girl she just cries and cries and the boy finally says he'll take her home.He's really mad  so he revs up the car and  goes burning rubber  out of there. They get to her house and he's so mad  he doesn't  even  get out of the car to open the door for her. So she  gets out on her own side of the car. Just  as she gets out she turns around  and there's a hook hanging on the door.

"Aren't you glad you didn't turn on the lights?"

  There was this girl in college. A freshmen who returning from a party went back to her dorm room late one night. She entered the room but did not turn on the light because she knew that her roommate was sleeping. She stumbled around the room in the dark getting ready for bed.
The next day she woke up to find her roommate apparently sound asleep. When her roommate wouldn't wake up concerned she turned on the desk lamp. The roommates school books were still open with blood all over them. She  had been murdered. In horror the girl fell to the floor and looked up to see written in blood: "Aren't you glad you didn't turn on the lights!" Her roommate was being murdered while she had been getting ready for bed.

Urban Legends
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