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Ghostly Investigations
Canton's Most Famous Haunted House
    by Jeff Stoll
714. The number of Canton ,Ohio's most famous haunted house. Are the two ghost said to roam this house real?  One Sun Afternoon I was about to find out.
CSomething there at the window? Watching?  Photo (C) Jeff Stoll
People wonder. photo (C) Jeff Stoll
To raise money to help homeless families the owners of this house allowed the public to go through and see for themselves if it was real or not.The house is being turned into housing for familes who have found themselves homeless. I arrived that afternoon with my camera ready.

text.The front room where the ghost kept changing my camera settings.
After paying I went into the front room where a talk was beginning on the history of the hauntings in the house. I decided to take some photos of the room. The ghost didn't want that. First my camera aperture was changed. Ok. I reset it. Then the flash being turned on and ready didn't go off. The flash was turned off. Ok,try again. Same thing. Sure sign of a ghost? Camera not working. Finally I got some photos.
The ghost kept turning my flash off in these rooms
I then decided to see the upstairs where doors are said to open and shut themselves.
The first room I entered I was met with a cold spot. Another sign of ghost. Move from that one spot the cold left. Step back in and again cold. Others then tried and had the same results. I moved on to another room with some others. While we were talking the door suddenly shut on us. Ok... open the door  and it shut again. I looked at the door. Ha ! It was not level. When the door was at a certatin place it would start to shut. No ghost behind that. Then in another room a closet door shut. The door they say the ghost would shut. Couldn't see any reason for that one. Perhaps she was shutting that door? I then decided to look in the attic. Spooky looking but  nothing unusual. Took some photos . Haven't seen them yet so maybe something wil be there. After taking a few more photos I decided to go back downstairs. I and a few others wanted to see the basement but it was off limits. We talked to the person in charge and were allowed down, While there twice we all felt something and could smell something sweet like apples. Then it left. We went back up. When asked how it was we told about the scent. We were then told the old lady who is said to be haunting the house used to spend time in the basement and wore a sweet scent. Could it have been her?
There is also said to be a second ghost in the house. That of an old man. Which one was screwing with my camera I wonder?
Having already been there for  two hours or longer I decided it was time to leave. So I took a few more photos and left but did I capture something on film? Look closely. You just may see someone or something.

Haunted room ?
Another view of the front room
Stairs leading up to the rooms said to be haunted
Holy water sits on the fireplace. Is there a ghostly image in the window?
Photos and story copyright Jeff Stoll
"is it the Wind?"
Reported by:Randy Stockton
for : Ghostland

                                           One of the many things that are reported to happen at the place locals call "The Mouth of Hell" (Carter County,Tennessee) is the sound of voices coming from deep in the cave.More to the point,it's the sound of children crying and screaming coming from somewhere in the shadows of the the rocks.

Lot's of folks have tried to pin-point the location of the sound,but due to the echo in the cave,it's very hard to find where the sound is most vocal.Never the less,this sound has been reported by people for many many years now.

These reports are what made me want to go and hear for myself,and see if I could come up with a reason for this phenomena.Anyone wanting to look into the paranormal must first try to prove that it's not something normal that is causing things to happen in the first place.Then after all that is looked into and you have no other place to look to,then and only then should you look to the paranormal for answers.

My first thought was "well maybe it's echoes coming from somewhere near the cave" but as I was to find out,there was nothing within  10 miles of the location,so that sort of ruled out a very loud and vocal sound in the cave.I then looked for natural vents in the walls of the cave that could be taking in air and making noise that could be close to the sound people reported.I did find some small vents in the top of the cave,but after rigging recorders up near them and listening with my own ears I never once (in a three day camp-out) heard anything close to the sounds folks had told me about.To make a long story short,we did a lot of different test in the cave to rule out any natural cause.

So about another week went by before we got back to the location.We made camp just outside the mouth of the cave and setup video and audio gear outside and inside the cave so that we could listen and watch for any and everything that went on in the next few days.Before the day was over we all knew every foot of that cave,inside and out.

On the first night we could hear a low rumble,that seemed to be all around us outside the cave,but after checking the recording gear nothing could be found on tape.The sound only lasted a few moments and then was not heard again.

On the last night there we had still heard nothing that sounding anything like the stories we had been told.We were about to pack it in and turn in for the night when we noticed a "Breathy" sound coming from the mouth of the cave.We checked the audio gear,NOTHING.We moved closer to the mouth and the sound seemed to take on a deeper sound,almost like the cave itself was breathing in and out.One of the women with us said she could feel wind coming from the entrance now.So we gathered up our flashlights and three of us went into the cave to have a look.

After we made our way to the back of the cave where we had more audio and video gear rigged,the "Breathy" sound seemed to change to a more high pitched tone that we thought could be the sound everyone had reported for years.If you listened for a few moments it did sound somewhat like a Childs cry.What seemed strange to us i was the fact that none of our audio recorders were picking up anything at all other than the noise we ourselves were making.The sound (to our own ears) seemed loud enough to be recorded by the cheapest of recording gear,but there sat our high grade recorder with it's top of the line mic's picking up no sound at all.

We checked all our gear and everything was working as it should.We then crawled all around the cave trying to find anything that would account for the sound,but we came up with nothing.

So,was it the wind? Was it echo's from some unknown source? Or,was it as folks have been saying for years "the voices of children" somehow trapped between this world and the next,crying out for someone to help them? I have to say,I have no clue,but I promise this is one mystery I will keep a check on for many years to come,and will report any new findings I may come up with.Until then,I'll just keep asking "is it the wind?".
Story copyright  Randy Stockton
Photographing Orbs and Vortexs
By Randy and Sabrina of Dark Offerings

When taking pictures  where you are trying to catch "orbs" or a "vortex" or any other kind of photo that will be looked at by others to be scrutinized it's very important to make sure that you try to reduce all natural effects that may cause these things to appear on your pictures.

  Photos of these kind  may be caused by a natural source.
For example these are very common when taking photos outside in a dusty area.   Any amount of movement by people or  a dog could cause dust to fly about in the air and then when the picture is taken the flash from the camera (or other light source) will reflect back off of it and destort to look like "glowing balls of light" or "orbs".
"Vortexs" may  be caused by a bit of dust on the camera lens reflecting a light source.Also "lens flare" can cause this same effect when taking a picture at certain angles while a light source is close to the object that you're taking a picture of.

We hope this information helps you to better understand what "may be" in your pictures so that you can reduce these "natural" effects in your attempts to photoograph  "orbs" or a "vortex".

Copyright Dark Offerings

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