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Do you have Photos you believe to be of Ghosts? 
Portrait of the former owner of the Blennerhassett Hotel in Parkersburg WV. Do you see the Ghost? Photo copyright by Richard Bixler.
House in Parkersburg ,WV said to be Haunted. Do you see it? Photo Copyright Richard Bixler
Ghost or ectoplasm in Caerphilly Castle as the Bard of Ely poses for a pic on the set of Rebecca's Daughters.
photo belongs to the Bard.
This picture was taken at a local site here in East,TN that people have named "The Mouth of Hell".

You can make out a few balls of light in the upper left hand corner,and what looks like a face in the lower left hand corner or the photo.It could be a trick of the light making parts of the rock at the opening of the cave look like a face,but I thought it was interesting enough to share with you

Photos from Sabrina and Randy of Dark Offerings
Photos from Black Cat
my back area is quite active.  I have a Sony digicam with the nightshot, so I can take images in total darkness.  I had to run these through photoshop and add some contrast to them though

Took this photo at a church in Pittsbugh on 6th St. because of the iron fence and cemetary, had hoped it would be a good picture for the flash project for your website, maybe it turned out better then I hoped? At about the middle of the picture just to the left of the center structure there is an orange shape. what are your thoughts on this ? The only thing I did with the photo was adjust the light levels as it was a little too dark for the project.

Steven Binion

Photos sent to Ghost Land by Kathy from summerville ,sc
Blue vortex
This is a very special photo that i cant beleave i captured .have not seen it again. But i hope to .Taken around 1-9-04 at night time .

This is an after picture of the one abover text.
Photo Taken after one above with nothing.

before blue vortex
Taken after blue vortex

1ORB in a tree. This was taken in our back yard tuesday night 1-12-04 and has not been modified
ORBS  in a TREE .This photo was taken last night    1-13-04 at around 9:30pm in our back yard
Not real sure about what went on here on this property before we moved here but we have just started to notice this stuff more since christmas so needless to say we fine it very interesting and take as many pictures as we can .

Orbs ?
Orb ?t.
Liz &Friend & Orb by Steve Andrews -The Bard of Ely
My friend Liz with a spirit orb above her head at the Samhain ceremony for Hecate at the Conway Hall, London, Oct 2003. (at least I say it is a spirit orb...seems likely at a place used by pagans & other mystical groups & over the head of a Druidess!)

Copyright  Steve Andrews-The Bard of Ely

Thank you Sabrina
Orb Photos by Kathy of Summerville,SC
i dont know all there is to know but i will keep trying to learn and i will keep taking pictures because i know we have spirits around us because we have felt them put their hands on our back. We have been outside and seen them pass by the kitchen sink in the house but there was no one else home at the time so we will keep lookin for them and we hope they will stay around a long time
orb shooting up from the groundext.
above the powerline