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True Ghost Stories
        Enchanted Hand
           By Jay Bronc

As a child I was a bit mischievous and I carried that into my adulthood. So to be walking about America's oldest seaport in Glouchester Mass. with cameras in hand would mean if the opportunity were there I would grab it. Being an amateur photographer I had spent most of the afternoon feasting on great photo opportunities. Now towards the end of the day a bit of mischief might be the perfect finish. At the statue dedicated to the women of Glouchester who lost men at see there is a small circular cement bench with high back that encircles it. From one of the entrance ways I caught the sight of an artist's hand and her sketch pad on her knee. The rest of the woman was hidden from view by the back of the bench but I could see strands of black with a tint of gray curls of longish looking hair covered by what appeared to be a sheer scarf. She could not see me as I was around the corner and hidden by a pillar at the entrance way - ah! stealth mode. I thought to myself, I can capture this artist's sketch before it even hits the market. Who knows might even be a famous artist. I brought my digital camera up and prepared to fire. Through the view finder I awaited the moment she would pause and bring her hand down from the sketch giving me a clean shot. Only the hand never stopped. It appeared to go faster and faster almost as if to leave a blur from the speed at which it was moving. Only when I brought my face from the view finder to look directly at what was going on did I notice her hand come down. Holding the camera in position with auto focus on and no longer looking through the camera I squeezed the shutter button and prayed the photo would be mine. Walking a short way down the walkway I was soon joined by my wife and two daughters. Knowing they were a short distance behind me and traveling in the same direction I asked if they had noticed the artist sketching the statue and joked about her enchanting hand that moved so fast. All three said what artist? And one of my daughter said there was no one there having walked directly through the bench area surrounding the statue. I said "Why you had to miss her she is hidden by the wall". Upon returning to see for myself there was no one. Now if you are familiar with this area or you have read or seen the movie 'The Perfect Storm' then you are aware that this area is overshadowed by what is know as the Widow Towers. They are the highest points on a ridge of windowed towers buildings that look out over the ocean where women use to watch to see if their men would come back from the sea and many did not. These were areas of great pain, suffering and sorrow and loss. And now as I looked up the towers dominated my vision and I imagined I heard the womens wails and crys coming from them which raised the hairs on my arm and I was overcome with a feeling of great shame and hanging my head I muttered in a low tone to the others that it was late and we should be leaving this area. Well after several days vacation was over and when I arrive home I go over my photos and gather the ones that I wish to share and at the top of the list was the Enchanted Hand photo. In fact it was my desire to get to the Internet and make that one of my first posts. Having arrived home late I thought it best to do this the next morning. That night I had one of the most chilling nightmares I have ever had, and I'm the kind of guy that enjoys nightmares. Beat the hell out of cable T.V. The next day I hold off on any posts and again that night I have the same tormenting dream of dead women in the Widow Towers trying to lure me in and eventually winding up in the towers with all these goulish dead women. They don't want the photo posted. I thought about this the next day and thought well I don't have to post that photo. But what the hell I want to. On the third night the same dream occurs again but this night we have a special guest. The artist has joined us and her silk head covering has blown off as the woman's face is transformed in to a crackly old witch. She is saying they will come for me if I post the photo. It's getting tough to work on little sleep and after three days of haunting dreams and sweating bullets that day at work I verbally yell out "I won't post it". That night I sleep like a baby. Now here I am two years later and I still have the photo around here somewhere. It was just a bad dreams right. Would anyone like to see a photo?         

My Own Ghost Story
By Steven Binion

Well all  this stuff  Jeff has been sending out  about hauntings has me reflecting back to my younger years. I had this School Friend his name is Brian. We spent a lot of time together. Despite his rough housing and teasing, We had a decent friendship.  He was an upper classman at school so the picking was probably to be expected.

If there was something for friends to do together we did it. Went out drinking, smoke a Lilttle bud, sang Kiss songs and the Monkees, not to the records, but just on our own because we knew the songs that well and could carry a note, we didn't need instruments as we could harmonize. And just a note on the drinking, don't think you're safe just because you drink and do not drive, Brian and myself almost got arrested walking home from the bar's, only 1 Mile mind you. (May have had something to do with waking all the neighborhood dogs at 3 am when we started barking) what's funny is when the cops pull up, and hit the lights and sirens and looking right at you when you're mid-bark. (shocked look ) "Oh Hello Officer".

Anyway, the occult scene fascinated me and everything about It was a curiosity. I had this Ouija board (Parker  Brothers ) go ahead laugh it up.  The power for channeling and summoning spirits has never been the board anyway, the board is just an aid to focus on. This one night we walked down the block to the cemetery, we had to belly crawl under a chain link  fence and be careful about it not to get cut or scratched we didn't have much room to work with. Once under the fence we had to  use an   old fallen tree as a bridge to get across the creek. From there only a few yards away there was this tree stump, the perfect table for our Ouija board. So we set down the board and started cracking on Mary Jane, local folk lore, and maybe not, but the cemetery did have a tomb stone with the name Mary Jane on  it, and a seal of a witch. We got out the candle and set it up and proceeded to light the candle.

Now I was 18  at the time,   maybe 19  and I am  37 years old now , you forget some facts, and others  you don't  remember as  well as you would like  but this is as well as I recollect. WE both recall hearing a disembodied voice saying "GET OUT " at the same moment those words finish a fear filled us both, a FEAR neither of us had ever felt before or since. In only seconds I had the board and candle snached up and already half way across the fallen tree when a hand in the middle of my back pushed me along to move me even faster. When I got to the fence I did a slide under the fence as a  baseball player  would into home plate.  Yes the one that we so carefully had to crawl under gong in, and not a scratch from sliding across the gravel and dirt or the fence. I cleared the fence and turn around and Brian a good 6 yards behind me, moving like hounds were on his ass. "Alright so who pushed me then?" ,I summarized the hand of the same spirit running us out of there." "Once Brian  cleared the fence we looked at each other in shock and  disbelief at what had occurred, but could calmly talk about it  as the FEAR that owned us both was gone. We caught our breath, then something down stream caught our  attention. Floating in the air, a white cloaked figure and no face, well it probably had a face, we just couldn't see it  through all the bright light.

So did we learn our lesson? Probably not,  since we picked ourselves up  and headed for the church  at the other end of the block. We get there and setup the Ouija board and though the black clouds were already rolling across the sky  an amazing lightning show began, not lightning coming  down from the clouds but the lightning was dancing across the sky from cloud  to cloud. I look to Brian as  if to ask "Do you think we should?" with the candle half out of the bag, and it started to pour.   So again we pick ourselves up  and  run back to his house.

Once at his house we just sat for an hour talking about the activities of the evening. So did we learn our lesson? Probably not as we started  to discuss plans to travel to New York to visit a  house in Amnity  yes that house. Anyway, we never did make the trip , and later found that if we had, the house was already torn down , It was depressing news as it  meant we could never visit the house.

So have I learned?  No, spirits still are a  curiosity for me, seen a few   working the wee hours of  the am  in nursing homes but don't go to all the effort of occult ritual as I have other things now I dedicate my time to.

Steven Binion

Ghost Virgin
Michael "joejoe" Jones

  I have always been a fan of the macabre & things that go bump in the night.  However with all the other activities in my life...ghosts are kinda on the bottom of my list.  I have always wanted to visit haunted places and such(maybe you can hook me up).  I have never really seen a ghost, but I believe they are out there.  There was this one time when I was about 13/14 years old, I was staying at a friend's house and the family always used to tell me that they had a ghost living in their home(I always thought it was a story they told to scare me).  One night however my friend and I heard noises coming from downstairs after everyone had went to bed, we crept down the stairs to peek into the livingroom through the banister.  There we saw a rockingchair that usually sat in a back corner of the room had been moved in front of the television set in the front of the room and was rocking all by itself.  We got scared and went back to his room, shortly after his mother came into our room(scaring us again)and asked why we had been up messing around downstairs!!  We never told her what we saw...whether or not the family was playing a trick on me I do not know.  But, the story of the ghost had something to do with a violent family that lived in the house "years ago" and 2 brothers had killed each other, the father had killed himself and the mother, Mrs.  B(that's what they called her) had died of old age.  Well, that's the only ghost story I have...wish I had more.  Who knows what the future holds? 
Michael "joejoe" Jones

My Ghost Encounter
by Venisha Matthews

I was working third shift at the dorm at college. I had been awake for about 56 hours straight so I wasnt sure at first if I was just going looney or not. From the desk I could see the front door (about 3 yards away) and the back door to the building. The front door was open (it was summer) and I glanced outside on the porch and saw a single crow just sitting there looking in the door. A little while later a girl came down the stairs in her nightgown and went to the back door. She stood there looking out the door for a few minutes. I figured she was waiting for someone to stop by (that door goes out to the parking lot). I looked towards the tv for a moment and turned back around to see her standing right next to the desk. I started to ask her if I could help her and she vanished as if she was never there. She had looked so real like I could reach out and touch her but she just faded away.
I thought I had imagined the whole thing because of lack of sleep. I thought I was just hallucinating, but when my supervisor came through a couple of hours later I told her that I seriously needed to go home and sleep beause I was seeing things. I told her what I saw and her face turned completely pale after I described the girl to her. She asked me if anyone had ever told me about the girl on the third floor. No one had. Apparently a long time ago a girl had died from some sort of illness in a room on the third floor. No resident since had been comfortable in that room. Several people have claimed to have seen her walking the halls not too long before my encounter. They say she would go to the bathroom on that floor and turn the water on and off. They also said that there had been nothing mentioned until that day of her ever leaving the third floor.
To this day I am not entirely sure if I really saw a ghost or not. Strange things happen during severe sleep deprivation. people tell me I described the girl perfectly and I had never seen or heard of her. I guess it was probably really a ghost after all unless people were just messing with me (that would include my supervisor and several of the dorm residents).

Anyway, thats my little true story. hope you enjoyed it :)

Story (c) Venisha Matthews 2004.

Ivy's Domain

One Warm Day I Saw A Ghost
    by Albert Torcaso

One warm day in January 1999,the temperature was approximately seventy-three degrees,which is unusual because I live in the east and it's usually the 30s or 40s at this time of the year or even colder sometimes. Anyway, it was a warm day and I had an appointment and on my way out I saw my neighbor , we'll call her Mrs. M, and on my way to the car I decided to talk to her for awhile. She was outside sweeping her porch and we talked awhile for about 5 or 10 min. Before I left I said to her"Mrs. M why are you sweeping your porch when you can do that in the spring?" Her reply was "well, you never know when you can do it again." I thought that was a bit strange but got in my car and went to my appointment and forgot about the encounter.
Nothing sounds unusual about this story so far and you're probably wondering why I'm telling it to you. Well, three weeks later I was coming home with my girlfriend and one of Mrs. M's boarders was going to her car to leave but before she left my girlfriend started talking to the young lady and they talked for about 5 minutes when my girlfriend asked, "By the way,how is Mrs. M doing?" The boarder said, "Oh, Mrs. M died November,1998. By that time I was walking up the steps about to go into my house when I overheard Mrs. M's  boarder say that Mrs. M died that November. At that point I stopped dead in my tracks turned around and said "girl you must be on some serious crack cause I just talked to her only three weeks ago" which means I was talking to a deceased woman in 1999 and didn't even know it. This whole event has perplexed me since that day and for awhile I thought maybe I had the months or the dates wrong but deep in my heart I knew I did not have the dates wrong and so I actually did talk with her in January,1999 which of course means I was talking to the dead.   Three years later in 2002, I went to the library and researched the obituaries for Mrs. M's death,and she did die November,1st,1998. After this shocking discovery I researched the weather patterns for my home city for January,1999 and found that there were 9-12 days for, I can't remember which ,the weather was between 66 and 75 degrees which meant that the encounter actually took place. These are the unanswered questions I would appreciate answered:
1.      How is it possible that an already dead person can appear and be in solid form and carry on a five or 6 minute conversation.
2.     Why would she appear to me when I'm not a relative and only talked to her every now and then when outside through the years.
3.   I've never really believed in ghosts or the supernatural so why would she appear to me instead of someone who does?

  I must admit it scared me a little that this happened but recently I was asked by a friend why would I be afraid of a spirit
who was always nice to me and did not attempt to frighten me and honored me by allowing me to see her after passing
while no one on this plane did. I guess the reason why it scared me a little is this,if spirits and ghosts really do exist does that not mean also that poltergeists and demons do as well? I'm not afraid of any spirit or anything like that but it is still
a mystery.   If any of you have a logical, scientific, or supernatural explanation I would greatly appreciate it.   (C) Actor AJ