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       Raven Goth's ghost story

I saw a ghost once. A long time ago. I was at a friend's house, and she told me the story of how the ghost (whom she was afraid of) came to be there. This was in Baytown, TX, and apparently, the area this girl (I'll call her Star) lived in (a division of mobile homes on about 2 acres of land) had previously been occupied by a large house, which had burned down many years before.

Star told me that this entity who lived there, when he was alive, he was very, very mean, and, although it was assumed that arson had caused the house to burn down, not even the local police seemed to care, or investigate, this man was so very, very hateful and spiteful.

One night, I was spending the night, and I, Star, and her younger sister were standing outside, in roughly a circle, and near to the shed, I could see a shape, darker than it's surroundings. It looked ephemeral, so much that I wasn't sure if I was seeing anything at all, at first. Star said she could SEE him, as he wasn't trying to 'hide' from her sight. I felt the sudden overwhelming urge to go to the bathroom (not to use it, simply it felt like a 'safe' room).

After we were in this room, Star commented that it was quite interesting that I had picked this one room to retreat from the (hateful, cold) presence of 'the bad man' as this was the ONLY room in the house which had NEVER had a seance performed in. Interesting, indeed.

I leave you to your own conclusions as to the validity of this sighting, and I know I will never forget this being's black, empty stare.

  Note: the girl I mentioned, "Star", told me around this same time that this ghost had been known to harass and even harm others who had had contact with him. He never tried anything on me, though, and I got the distinct feeling that he didn't even want me to be able to see or sense him, like he was scared of me for some reason. I had realized even at that tender age that I am a natural born witch and I believe that this 'power' I had even then caused this spirit to leave me alone.

Would be interested to find out how many other people have had similar occurences/contacts with the unseen world.
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  "Strange Things"
  by: JADE

I was brought up in a very old house that had to have been one hundred years old or better.The house is no longer standing today but I can still remember it just like it was only yesterday that I was there.A big cold house that made you feel uneasy from the moment you walked through the front doors.I was around eleven years old when I had the fright of my life there.
  I had a bedroom that was fairly large.It had big windows that seemed to take up the whole wall on one side.And a large closet on the opposite side of the room.My bed was at the center of the room with the foot of it facing the bedroom door that lead to the hallway.
I've never really talked much about what happened to me in that house.I never thought many would believe me in the first place so I just keep these things to myself.However I feel the need to tell my story so here it is.

While living in this house I became a true believer in the things that go bump in
the night.On more than one night I laid awake listening to whispering voices in my
room.The voices were hard to understand but if you listened close you could make out what they were saying.Mostly they spoke of things that seemed to have nothing to do with anything that I could relate to.It was as if they talked about things that had happened a long time ago.One night I heard what sounded like two woman talking about a horse that had to be put down because it had broken it's leg.Sometimes it seemed the voices were talking about me like they
were watching me and making comments about what I was doing.For instance,
one time I was in bed sick with the flu and I could make out their conversations making comments like "The poor girl is not feeling well" or "You think she'll be ok" so it seemed like they were very aware of things going on in the house.

Sometimes the voices took on a more frightening tone.I could hear screams coming from the closet side of my room and an angry man shouting in a harsh voice could be heard in different parts of the house.It also seemed like the room grew cold when these voices were present.Often I could smell the scent of vanilla in the house.This smell could be in any of the rooms of the house at any time.

Another thing that really frightened me was a shadow or silhouette of a person that
moved all about my room at night.It sometimes would even stand in front of the windows where I was able to see the trees on the outside straight through it.I couldn't hear any sound along with this shadow and the room never grew cold when it was there.It was just a shadow of a human figure that glided around the room silently.I had friends who seen the sillhouette while sleeping over,so I'm not the only one to notice this.

  I could hear and see these kinds of things the entire time I lived there,but it did seem
like the events became less frequent as I got older.I moved out when I was 18 to go to
school in another state and never lived there again after that,so I don't know if these
things still took place up until the house burnt down in the late 80's because like
I said,I never spoke of these things to anyone so I never asked my Mother and Father if things still happened there after I moved.They stayed there all the way up to the time the house burnt down so if these strange things did happen in my absence they have never told me of them.Who knows,maybe whatever was happening in the house is still there on the property and still goes on to this very day.I wouldn't doubt it but I don't want to find out either. -JADE

      The Tavern Ghosts
   by Rose Laplante

The following stories about the tavern have been experienced by the present owners, the Laplantes, and are true.

In 1995, after some renovations were made to the second floor, the Laplante family moved in. The tavern consisted of the first floor and the living quarters were on the second floor. The third floor was empty. Nothing seemed to be amiss at this time, except for their two-year old son. His bedroom was at the back of the tavern situated close to his parent's bedroom. The young boy became terrified of staying in his bedroom and would often come screaming up the hallway, often in broad daylight, crying that there was a monster in his room. Eventually, he had to be moved from that room because he was too terrified to stay in there to play or sleep.

In 1996, as the Laplantes were preparing the tavern for the wedding of their oldest daughter, Mrs. Laplante observed a “white thing” crossing a doorway in the kitchen of the tavern on the first floor. Although it was not frightening or as she stated, “it didn't creep me out”, she remembered the occurrence. It was in the middle of the day and in an unlit section of the tavern. No windows were open to the outside of the building at this time. Later that evening, Mrs. Laplante's daughter-in-law was tending bar. As she stood at the end of the bar looking in toward the kitchen, she also saw a “white thing” cross the room. This completely took the daughter-in-law by surprise and she became extremely upset. She would not remain in the tavern by herself and ran to her husband. Not wanting anyone to think her crazy, she didn't tell anyone about her experience. Two weeks later, when Mrs. Laplante and an employee were telling “ghost stories”, Mrs. Laplante's son, happened on them and on hearing about their conversation replied that the ladies would “freak” if they heard about the “white thing” that his wife had apparently saw a few weeks before. Mrs. Laplante states that the hair stood up on the back of her neck because this was the first affirmation of a “white thing” that she had heard and she hadn't mentioned her occurrence to anyone either. When the two ladies sat down to discuss the “sighting” they discovered it was seen in the same place on the same day, Tuesday, August 6.

In 2002, Mrs. Laplante was reading a bedtime story to her young son. In the next bed, her daughter was already fast asleep. Mr. Laplante had been in the shower and headed off to bed in the next room. Shortly after, footsteps could be heard coming down the hallway and stopped at the children's bedroom door. Thinking it was his father, the young boy, called out “who's there?” No one answered. He questioned Mrs. Laplante on who it might be and she replied that it was most likely his father coming to see if they were all going to bed. She also called out and on getting no answer settled back down to their bedtime story. After their story, the young boy decided he wanted to sleep in his father's room so they both returned to where he was sleeping. On entering the room, Mrs. Laplante inquired of her husband what he had wanted when he came to the children's room. He was fast asleep so she asked him again. On waking, Mr. Laplante had no idea what his wife and son were talking about and stated that he had gone right to bed and sleep after his shower and had not left the room. Mrs. Laplante stayed awake contemplating this whole mystery. The next morning it was discovered that the day before was also Tuesday, August 6, the same date as the previous sightings only a different year.

After a devastating fire, that closed the tavern in 1996, the Laplantes abandoned the building for two years. In 1998 they made a decision to move back and renovate the building into their home. During this time, the same young son, who had experienced the terror earlier in his bedroom, began to be afraid to go upstairs. He had questioned his parents about “an old man”. At one point, he had told his parents that he heard an old man tell him to “get out of here, you little bugger”. His parents thought nothing of it and put it down to his imagination, running wild. At this time, Mrs. Laplante began to feel eerie when she went to one particular area of the hallway on the second floor. This happened to be in the same area as the young boy's previous bedroom. Most of the family avoided this area, as it did not “feel” right. The boy's terror increased so much, that he refused to go upstairs to his new room at the front of the building. When it came to the point that he would sit at the bottom of the stairs and cry because he couldn't go up, the Laplantes sat him down to discuss “his problems”. They discovered that something or someone on the second floor was constantly terrorizing their son. On relating his story to his parents, they discovered, that “someone” was calling him to every time he passed that certain hallway or area. He told his parents, that he would yell to leave him alone. After contacting an entity clearer, it was discovered that there were four entities in the tavern at the time. One of them was in the same area as the boy had stated. These were asked to leave and the Laplantes were told they were gone. The next evening after the clearing took place, Mrs. Laplante took her son upstairs to the specific area and told him that the “entities” were gone. She asked him if he could see or feel anything there. He replied that “it” was right beside her. On hearing this, Mrs. Laplante felt the hairs prickling on the back of her neck and left the hallway immediately. The eerie vibes dissipated slowly over the next few days until they were completely gone. Since then, the boy has nearly returned to a relaxed state. He is able to go upstairs to his room again. He still worries that “it” may return and startles easily but he can and will talk about it and refers to “it” as his ghost.

The tavern displays old photos of the people and area on its walls. In one of these photos is a picture of an old man who the owner's son says resembles the one he saw upstairs. The picture is of Sam Schell, a previous and well-liked owner of the Marlbank Tavern from 1938 to 1959.

These are but a few of the experiences that the Laplantes have had since purchasing the building in 1994. Previous owners and employees have attested to the fact that strange things have been seen and experienced in the building.