Cl                             A Ghost Who Didn't Like Light?
                 By Steve Andrews The Bard of Ely

iThinking about ghosts that stop cams working brought to mind an experience I had of a torch not working: once many years ago I was hitching to West Wales with a friend also called Steve and we ended up dropped off late one night in a place called St Clears near Carmarthen. We were looking for somewhere to crash for the night & went in what looked like a deserted old farmhouse. I had a torch and put it on tp light the way & I was going to go up some steps into an upper floor but as soon as I got to a certain step the torch lite would dim and go out. I tried checking the torch battery and everything and tried it over and over and we both agreed it only went out when it was brought to a certain level of the stairs. We gave up not wanting to venture into a dark room above which wouldnt allow any artificial light. About a year later by a strange coincidence we ended up in the same place (again we had been dropped off in St Clears) & went to see if this would happen again & it did!

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Hummadruz and the haunted squat
By The Bard of Ely


Here is a story of how UFOs and the paranormal are often inexplicably linked: I would like to give an account of a long and mysterious series of events which I experienced from childhood onwards, and which I am sure has had a lot of bearing on my involvement in ufology and experiences over the years.
As a child, probably from around the age of 6 and onwards into my late teens, I used to be awakened at seemingly random intervals by a loud humming or droning noise, which appeared to come from all around and reminded me of some sort of generator. Like the elusive cricket or cicada, I was never able to pinpoint where exactly the sound was originating from, even though it was very loud.
It always took place in the early hours of the morning, and I was always amazed that it hadn't awoken my parents, the neighbors and the whole street in which I lived in Cardiff, in Wales.
Sometimes I felt paralysed and couldn't move until the noise went away but other times I would get up out of bed and wander around my room and the house trying to locate the origin of the mysterious sound. In desperation I would often wake up my family to their bewilderment and annoyance, for they were never able to hear the noise that I could hear. I was never afraid of it but just puzzled and frustrated. I wanted to know what it was and to share the experience with someone else.
I remember at least once, that another strange thing happened: when I looked out the bedroom window the modern street had changed into a cobble-stoned road of the past with a horse and cart going down it and the hooves of the animal making a noise on the stones. Although this seems incredibly weird now and was some sort of time-slip at the time, when I was very young it was just another part of the mystery and didn't solve the problem.
There was one constant: the humming noise would always fade out as swiftly as it had started and I would go back to sleep. This pattern continued until when I was aged 19 and was living away from the house I lived in as a child. I had gone to live the hippy life-style and was living as a squatter in Charrington Street, in Camden Town, London. I had gone there after the Windsor festival with a friend called Steve Whitworth, who was also from Cardiff.
On the night I want to tell you about we had both been down the local but on returning noticed an overwhelming feeling of cold as we entered the house. Other squatters had said that the place was haunted and this we could easily believe in that cold chill on a warm summer's night.
When we got upstairs to the room we were staying in we discovered another shock: Mad Mick, who was biker and acted as a sort of 'bouncer' for the squat, was already asleep but he had a luminous green glow all across his neck.  We decided to sleep on the other side of the room!
Later on I was awakened by an all too familiar sound. Mick was still asleep but the green glow had vanished and other squatters were now also crashed out in sleeping bags on the floor, all except Steve who asked me if I could hear what he was hearing.
I felt so relieved that at last someone else had heard the humming noise and I explained to him how I had been hearing it throughout my life. It faded away and we managed to get back to sleep but when I woke up again I felt really glad that I had now been able to share this experience. I didn't know then but that was the last time I was ever to hear it!
I still have no real answers to this mystery but I once was in college with a spiritualist and I told him about it. He asked if I had been chanting any mantras that last day that I heard the humming. I had a big shock then because I realised that Steve and I had, in fact, been chanting the Tibetan Buddhist mantra OM MANE PADME HUM, that very same afternoon of the day before that memorable night.
The spiritualist's explanation was that we had tuned into the 'prana' or the 'music of the spheres.' He was right about the chanting but I wasn't satisfied with the rest of it. I have since met other people who have had similar experiences and most of these people have also encountered UFOs. I told Jenny Randles, who is a well-known author and 'expert' on ufology, all about the mystery and she wrote me a letter stating that she thought it sounded like a phenomenon known as 'humma druzz.' The term is made up of 'hum' and 'drone' and 'buzz.' jenny told me it had been known about since Victorian times and was thought to be some sort of psychic training exercise.
I told my friend, author CJ Stone about this too and he wrote about it in his book 'Last of the Hippies.' CJ who has known me for over 30 years says in his book that I am 'an alien,' and that his explanation for the humming noise was this: the other ETs from wherever I come from had been trying to get in touch with me but when they saw me living in that decadent squat they thought there wasn't much hope for me and gave up!
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Ghost in the Machine

I was recently sent some money from Sheffield that mysteriously never arrived. Our crap postal service got the blame. The money was from my pagan friend Moon Maiden & was for herbs for her shop. I told her I often feel there's some mysterious force at work, some sort of conspiracy to stop me having money!

A week or so after I needed books for my lecture in London at the Halloween Festival so I had to place an online order with Loompanics,my publishers. I hate doing this sort of thing & was worried about it going wrong. I was assured all the order was taken satisfactorily and the books were on their way. I was getting them with my author's discount and was able to afford it (or so I thought!)

Well, the books arrived promptly and I thought all was well until I read the packing slip which showed I had been charged the full rate and no discount had been taken off. So I lost no time in telling my publishers and they said they would refund the money I was over-charged. I felt relieved that the mistake had been corrected.

Little was I to know though, what horror was yet to be revealed, for when my bank statement arrived as well as showing the refund, which I wanted, it also showed that I had been charged twice for the full amount. This was a total of $411, which is a lot of money for me! Well, it would be bad enough that I had again been charged the full rate, but what was much worse was that this second payment was for a bundle of books I had never ordered and never received!

Horrified that my bank account was now well overdrawn, I once more I contacted my publisher and was told that they had checked their records and that no second payment was shown. I was recommended to send a copy of the statement to them and also to phone my bank and complain.  I followed the advice and the bank said they would have to send me a form to sign to confirm this before they could take action and refund my money.

I contacted my publisher again to give them an update and was then given an apology and the news that somehow their fail safe that is designed to prevent an account being charged more than once, had failed to work properly and that it was them who had received this second payment.  The Loompanics shipping department is completely baffled because this has not happened before. They are now going to refund this money too.  But the mystery remains, and it looks like my paranoia about a negative force that works to prevent me ever getting rich was justified! Perhaps this was a true case of a ghost in the machine?

Bard of Ely (c) 2003