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WARMINSTER SIGHTING by Steve Andrews - The Bard of Ely

It was late August or the first week in September, 1979 and I had been dropped off at Bath in the West Country, whilst trying to hitchhike to Warminster, a town famous for UFO activity. It was late at night and the traffic had become a lot less and also it is hard getting lifts at night so I had given up and was walking onward. At about 2am about 5 miles from Warminster I was still walking when I saw 2 orange orbs of light moving across over the fields on my right. As soon as I stopped they changed direction and came towards me until they were right above me and I could see huge balls of orange light with some sort of red fire circling them. There were no cars on the country road by then and all was deserted. I didn't feel afraid but I did feel that I was being watched and that they knew about me. It was a matter of me watching them watching me.  Nothing more seemed to be happening and after some minutes I thought I had better make a move. As soon as I started to walk the 2 objects left their positions and moved back over to their original course and soon disappeared out of view.

THE FLYING CROSS by Steve Andrews - The Bard of Ely

The year would have been 1972 or '73 and I had just finished at college for the day. I was walking to a local pub, which I seem to remember as the 3 Horseshoes. It was near to Gabalfa Flyover interchange in Cardiff.  As I got to the street where the pub is I could see a man looking up at the sky. I did likewise and saw 3 or 4 moving star-like objects. They changed positions and would blink out and come back so it was hard to say for sure how many there were.  I asked the man what he thought they were and he said he hadn't a clue but he'd had enough and was going. I continued to watch for a while and can distinctly remember that there was also a helicopter in the sky. When I got home later on to the shared house I was living in I told the other guys I lived with what I had just seen. One of them told me that sightings of a 'flying cross' had been on the national news, and so this was what I must have seen.

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