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Jan 4th 2004
new ghost story by Michael "joejoe" Jones on  the True Ghost Stories page

New awards won . Awards Won page

New Web Rings added  WEB RINGS page

Jan 5th,2004
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Jan 6th 2004
New search This Site Box on main page   and on the Ghostly Links page
   Jan 31,2005 New Ghost Photos by Deb from Ohio

  Jan 3, 2005 New Ghost Photos by HAMIDREZA KHOSRAVI of       Iran
Jan 3, 2005 New Ghost Story by Jade
  Nov 2004 New Ghost Story by Raven Goth

  Aug 8,2004
   New Award Won. From Horror Thirst. See it on Our Award Page
    July 2004
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  June 10,2004
New Links added on Links Page
Horror/Sci-Fi Con info on main page
  Rate us at Best Selling Horror Author Nicholas Grabowsky's Diverse Compendium Top Sites on our main page
New Web Rings added
For The First Time In The History Of My Web Sites We're Almost Out Of Bandwidth ! It resets on the 9th .

Feb 23,2004
  Rate us at Horror Find .com added on main page
  Horror Find Search added on Links Page
Feb 20th,2004
Links to The 2004 Haunted West Virginia Conference  and Saving Angel added to the Main Page

Feb 13,2004
   New Photos added in Ghostly Photo Gallery by Bard of Ely and Jeff Stoll
New True Ghost story by Al Torcaso
  New links added to actor/producer/musician Travis Bowen and Gein and The Graverobbers
  Feb 8,2004
   New Urban Legends added Don't read these alone in the dark!
  New photo of possible orb added in Ghostly Gallery by Kathy of Summervile ,SC
  Feb 7 2004
   New awards won.
  Feb 6,2004
  Ghost Land is in Who's Who On The Web ! under Miscellaneous&letter g
Accepted into new Web Ring
Feb 5,2004
  Two new pages up.
  Urban Legends   We need Urban Legends from your area.
  Ghostly Freebies-Free Software and Videos. Coming soon free CD burning software that compares well with Nero.
  Buy something from our new Affiliate  paranormalphernalia on our Ghostly Links page and help keep Ghost Land on the net.

Jan 25,2004
New Banners here by Randy Stockton
  New awards won
  Urban Legends  page coming soon. We need Urban Legends from your area
  New links here
  New page Moon Phase , solar flare and Ghostly News

Jan 21,2004
New photo by The Bard of Ely in the Ghostly Photo Gallery


New links added on Ghostly Links Page

Jan 18,2004

New awards won on awards page

Jan 17,2004

New ghost story by Venisha Matthews on True Ghost Stories

New page up UFO'S,Mothman,Faries,and other strange things with stories of UFO's by The Bard of Ely, Steve Andrews

New page up Ghostly Poetry  we need poems.
   Poem by Randy Stockton now on the page.

Ghost Land has won new awards. nearly 20 in less then a week. On the Awards Won page

Jan 16,2004
New Ghost Stories by Jeff Stoll and Randy Stockton on the Ghostly  Investigations page

New ghost photos by Kathy of Summerville ,SC on Ghostly Photo Gallery

Active Board has given  our messageboard it's own search engine.

Jan 15,2004
Ghost Land  accepted into more web rings